Flashing Warning Lights on Canon Printers

Wondering, confused, and annoyed about these flashing warning lights on your Canon printers? Worry no more! Let us learn the meaning of these flashing lights and also, take the appropriate actions.

The number of light flashes identifies the type of error that occurs on your printer. Just count how many times the alarm light flashes on your printer.

Troubleshoot and take the appropriate actions to correct the error. Check the descriptions in the table below.

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The power lamp flashes GREEN. Alternately, the alarm lamp flashes ORANGE. The flashing warning lights mean that your Canon printer problem has occurred. These errors indicate a hardware failure and are in fact, unrecoverable.

Try these three (3) steps to reset your printer:

  1. Initially, disconnect the printer cable from the computer.
  2. Next, turn the printer off. Then, unplug the printer from the power supply while waiting for five (5) seconds.
  3. Finally, plug the printer back in. Then, turn the printer back on.

If the error keeps recurring, the printer may require service.

Currently, there are two options that Canon made available for you:

  1. First, you may avail of the Warranty of Service. Canon printers come with a standard one year warranty that can be extended up to three (3) years! You can enjoy free labor and part replacements within the warranty period. You are entitled to a warranty of service or replacement if you are within the one year manufacturer’s warranty. Additionally, show your proof of purchase or official receipt.
  2. Second, if your printer is out of warranty, you can still bring your machine to any of over 160 Canon Authorized Service Centers, nationwide. Furthermore, to get more information on their product’s warranty condition, check their official website through this link.

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