chipless epson workforce c5790

Chipless Epson WorkForce C5790 Conversion

Planning to modify your printer to chipless Epson WorkForce C5790?

Epson WorkForce Pro WF-C5790 Wi-Fi Duplex All-in-One Inkjet Printer

It is a low-cost and reliable business printer that delivers fast print speeds of up to 24ipm. It is built to handle the most demanding printing jobs with a first-page-out time of just 4.8 seconds. This printer is the ideal solution for productive-boosting printing. However, the inks are quite expensive. So, most owners opted to convert this device into a continuous ink system.

Conduct an initial check before you convert this device into a chipless continuous ink system. Initially, check if your printer’s firmware can be changed to chipless.

Make sure that your printer can be converted to chipless.

Follow these two simple steps :

  1. First, download the firmware here: Epson WorkForce C5790
  2. Second, upload the firmware to your printer. Wait until the firmware has been successfully uploaded to the printer. If the uploading fails, that means your printer can not be converted to chipless.

Afterward, you have to purchase the activation key for your printer model. Use the activation key in the License.exe utility.
Download the License.exe utility here. Then, to extract the file, use 12345 as the password.

Check here for the complete list of Chipless Firmware for Epson printers.

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Fix Common Printer Problems

Fix Common Printer Problems : The How To’s

Fix common printer problems and get back in its full working condition.

A printer is one of the most useful devices whether you’re a student, a professional, or a technician. Printers are very reliable for various day-to-day purposes. Thus, we should be responsible for taking care of it. We sometimes panic when we see our printers having these common problems. These problems delay our computer tasks and therefore, technical assistance will come in handy. However, with less knowledge, we tend to spend some bucks for a very simple fix. Hence, to save a penny, we need to try to fix these common printer problems on our own. Perform these Do-It-Yourself (DIY) hacks on your printing devices before bringing them to the service center.

Let’s Get It On!


Your printer doesn’t power on?

1. Check your power plug. You might have forgotten to plug your printer.

2. Inspect your power plug for tear wires or burnt contacts. Try to change your power plug.

3. Check your power supply if there is enough supply voltage. Use a multimeter.

4. Check your logic board for burnt parts. Replace parts or the whole logic board.


1. Check this blog post for more information.


1. Check for torn pieces of paper or any objects that jams your printing.

2. Clean encoder strip. Wipe it with a clean tissue. Do not use alcohol because it erases the information encoded in the strip.

3. Clean the encoder disc.


1. Refill your ink tank with correct or compatible inks.

2. Reset ink level from the settings.


1. If your printer feeds many papers, check the spring of the feeder roller below.

2. Check the paper feeder sensor.


1. Perform deep head cleaning.

2. Perform ink flushing once.

3. The printhead could have scratches, replace it.


1. Clean the area where the smudge comes from.

2. Clean the printhead for smudges or ink leakage.


1. Reinstall the correct driver. Check your operating system’s property before downloading the driver.

2. Replace the USB cable.


For video tutorials on how to fix these common problems, check here.

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Epson EcoTank L3110 All-in-One Ink Tank Printer

How to Reset Epson L3110 Waste Ink Pad Counter

Let me the step-by-step guide on how to reset the Epson L3110 waste ink pad counter using the Adjustment Program.

When to Reset Waste Ink Pad Counter

Picture out this sample scenario. You are in the middle of the printing process and your printer suddenly stopped printing. Two red LEDs flashing in your printer. A “Service required” error appeared on your computer. These indicate that the printer’s waste ink pad has reached its absorbing capacity limit. It may happen that the printer needs to reset its protection counter value.

Epson EcoTank L3110 All-in-One Ink Tank Printer

Epson L3110 is built with an integrated ink tank that enables spill-free and error-free refilling. Additionally, it has an ultra-high yield of 7,500 colored and 4,500 black-and-white pages. Check on Epson’s official page for more info.

How to Reset Epson L3110 Waste Ink Pad Counter

Follow these step-by-step procedures:

  1. First, download the resetter here if you do not have the adjustment program yet. But, if you already have, proceed to step 3.
  2. Next, go to your downloads folder and unzip the file.
  3. Afterward, run the adjustment program executable file (Adjprog).
  4. Then, click Particular adjustment mode.
  5. Check the current protection counter’s value. Tick the checkboxes on the Main and Platen pad counter. Click Check. At this point, the counter’s value points and a percentage will be displayed.
  6. Now, tick the checkboxes again for the Main and Platen pad counter and click Initialize. An information dialogue will pop up. It states that “When the OK button is clicked, the counter will be initialized.” Then, click OK.
  7. After the counter is being initialized, another information dialogue will pop up that will ask you to turn off the printer.
  8. Finally, turn again your printer and it is ready to use.

You may also check the procedures in the infographics below.

epson L3110 wate ink pad counter reset infographics

Also, watch this demo video on my YouTube channel on how to execute the procedures enumerated above.

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flashing warning lights canon printer

Flashing Warning Lights on Canon Printers

Wondering, confused, and annoyed about these flashing warning lights on your Canon printers? Worry no more! Let us learn the meaning of these flashing lights and also, take the appropriate actions.

The number of light flashes identifies the type of error that occurs on your printer. Just count how many times the alarm light flashes on your printer.

Troubleshoot and take the appropriate actions to correct the error. Check the descriptions in the table below.

[table id=2 /]

The power lamp flashes GREEN. Alternately, the alarm lamp flashes ORANGE. The flashing warning lights mean that your Canon printer problem has occurred. These errors indicate a hardware failure and are in fact, unrecoverable.

Try these three (3) steps to reset your printer:

  1. Initially, disconnect the printer cable from the computer.
  2. Next, turn the printer off. Then, unplug the printer from the power supply while waiting for five (5) seconds.
  3. Finally, plug the printer back in. Then, turn the printer back on.

If the error keeps recurring, the printer may require service.

Currently, there are two options that Canon made available for you:

  1. First, you may avail of the Warranty of Service. Canon printers come with a standard one year warranty that can be extended up to three (3) years! You can enjoy free labor and part replacements within the warranty period. You are entitled to a warranty of service or replacement if you are within the one year manufacturer’s warranty. Additionally, show your proof of purchase or official receipt.
  2. Second, if your printer is out of warranty, you can still bring your machine to any of over 160 Canon Authorized Service Centers, nationwide. Furthermore, to get more information on their product’s warranty condition, check their official website through this link.

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waste ink pad tank

FREE Reset Waste Ink Pad Counter for Epson and Canon Printers

The Waste Ink Protection Counter Concept

Waste ink pad counter reset is the process of resetting the Waste Ink Protection Counter of any printer to zero to be reusable.

Manufacturers equip printers with waste ink pads, sponge-like ink absorber pads. These pads absorb the excess ink when printing, head cleaning, and ink flushing. However, these pads have an absorption limit. It will need immediate attention when nearly saturated. Accordingly, the manufacturers introduced a concept to avoid ink leakage from the printer. Likewise, prevent risks in any case. The “Waste Ink Protection Counter”.

When to Reset the Waste Ink Pad Counter

Whenever you are getting an error: A printer’s ink pad is at the end of its service life.” or “The ink absorber is almost full., the printer needs to reset its waste ink pad counter back to 0%.

During the process of head cleaning and ink flushing, the printer counts the volume of ink that flows to the waste pad. If the counter reaches 100%, the printer will halt its printing process. Flashing LEDs are visible on the printer and resonating beeps will be heard. Some printers have an LCD panel that displays the error and its corresponding code. A printer status monitor which displays an error and its code can also be seen on the computer.

waste ink pad needs service

(a) Printer panel displays error E-11 on the Epson printer. (b) Epson status monitor displays a “Service Required” error on the laptop. Flashing red lights and steady power green light display on the printer. (c) Canon series printer displays Support Code 5B00: the ink absorber is almost full.

How to Reset your Printer

First, bring your printer to the nearest service center if it is still under warranty. In addition, the center will ask to validate your purchase. Show your issued official receipt or warranty card.

Second, reset your printer manually or use Adjustment Programs for Epson and Service Tools for Canon. You can also download WIC Reset Utility to perform a Do-It-Yourself waste ink pad counter reset. It comes with a free TRIAL key that resets the counter up to 90%.

Guides and tutorials are made available here.

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