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TechBudz Information Technology Services

Formerly named as HashTime with GJCarson. It started from a managed Facebook Page created last October 2020. Due to the covid-19 pandemic, the face to face classes has been suspended. Thus, distance and blended learning were employed accordingly. Printing of learning modules became the priority task for teachers.  Consequently, the demand for printer and computer repairs rapidly increased. In order to help the people who are struggling with their printers and computers, HashTime with GJCarson’s page was created. However, the brand name was a bit personal, hence, we changed it to TechBudz IT Services. Eventually, we created our webpage in order to cater bigger audience and extend our reach to other parts of the world.


  • We are providing FREE downloadable waste ink pad counter resetters. But, the resetters are for selected models of Epson and Canon printers only. In addition, drivers and installers are also available for downloads. Moreover, we include do-it-yourself guides and tutorials. Coupled with a step-by-step procedures with images and videos. Hence, the users can easily follow and be guided.
  • We are passionate about graphic arts. Particularly, we create logos, banners, tarpaulins, printed apparel, etc. Also, we help our clients to communicate their stories, brand, and ideas.
  • We develop custom web and packaged applications for individuals and businesses. We only not create a connection with our clients, but  we build good relationship with them. Not to mention, we provide on-site and remote technical support.


TechBudz Information Technology Services

Are committed to create value for our clients. Likewise, meet their business and technology needs. Moreover, we deliver practical, efficient, and quality solutions and at the same time, provide technical support.


TechBudz IT Services believes in the saying: “Sharing is Caring”. We never stopped sharing and caring for people. Because it is in sharing that makes our lives more meaningful. After all, this is what drives us to continually improve and provide our selected quality services for FREE.

A great philosopher Aristotle once said: “Those Who Know, DO. Those that Understand, TEACH.” With this, we are grateful to do what we do and teach others what we understand.

TechBudz Information Technology Services


A comprehensive statement that defines TechBudz’s existence and its outlook for internal and external audiences.


To be the partner-of-choice for our clients' growth and success in their business with integrity. Their growth and success are also ours.


To provide quality services and solutions for individuals and businesses that want to grow and succeed. Treat every opportunity with integrity, do what we know, and teach and share what we understand.


Integrity, passion, and quality give an impact on the experience we deliver as well as the relationship we develop with our clients. These values reflect what we stand for, thus, we integrate them into our daily work.

TechBudz Information Technology Services Logo Transformation

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GJ Carson

Currently, a Senior High School Teacher at Isabel National High School, Isabel, Leyte, Philippines. A graphic/web designer, helping clients to communicate their stories, brand, and ideas. Enjoys using software, installing computer systems, and maintaining databases and networks. Additionally, helps businesses improve and increase the visibility of their websites for relevant searches by doing search engine optimization (SEO).

Started self-learning to use Adobe Photoshop in 2012 when digital printing became a trend in the Philippines. I was amazed by the power of using photoshop as a tool in image manipulation. I became enthusiastic about creating logos and other materials related to digital printing. Henceforth, I constantly strive to learn and update myself with the latest trends in technology. Especially, improve and equip myself with the skills set in graphic and web designing/ development.

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    TechBudz Information Technology Services would like to thank the Lord Almighty for every blessing we receive. We offer all the Glory to God.