FREE Reset Waste Ink Pad Counter for Epson and Canon Printers

The Waste Ink Protection Counter Concept

Waste ink pad counter reset is the process of resetting the Waste Ink Protection Counter of any printer to zero to be reusable.

Manufacturers equip printers with waste ink pads, sponge-like ink absorber pads. These pads absorb the excess ink when printing, head cleaning, and ink flushing. However, these pads have an absorption limit. It will need immediate attention when nearly saturated. Accordingly, the manufacturers introduced a concept to avoid ink leakage from the printer. Likewise, prevent risks in any case. The “Waste Ink Protection Counter”.

When to Reset the Waste Ink Pad Counter

Whenever you are getting an error: A printer’s ink pad is at the end of its service life.” or “The ink absorber is almost full., the printer needs to reset its waste ink pad counter back to 0%.

During the process of head cleaning and ink flushing, the printer counts the volume of ink that flows to the waste pad. If the counter reaches 100%, the printer will halt its printing process. Flashing LEDs are visible on the printer and resonating beeps will be heard. Some printers have an LCD panel that displays the error and its corresponding code. A printer status monitor which displays an error and its code can also be seen on the computer.

waste ink pad needs service

(a) Printer panel displays error E-11 on the Epson printer. (b) Epson status monitor displays a “Service Required” error on the laptop. Flashing red lights and steady power green light display on the printer. (c) Canon series printer displays Support Code 5B00: the ink absorber is almost full.

How to Reset your Printer

First, bring your printer to the nearest service center if it is still under warranty. In addition, the center will ask to validate your purchase. Show your issued official receipt or warranty card.

Second, reset your printer manually or use Adjustment Programs for Epson and Service Tools for Canon. You can also download WIC Reset Utility to perform a Do-It-Yourself waste ink pad counter reset. It comes with a free TRIAL key that resets the counter up to 90%.

Guides and tutorials are made available here.

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